ONUG Working Group Initiatives

The four ONUG Working Group Initiatives were formed as a result of the  ONUG Working Group evolution. They are currently calling for engagement from the vendor and cloud/service provider communities to collaborate with ONUG IT business leaders to contribute to the advancement of solutions that address the use cases and requirements within the ONUG Working Group Initiatives.

The initiatives, outlined below, are based upon collective working group member requirements and are a realization of industry gaps missing solutions required for an open cloud-based software-defined infrastructure market to develop at scale.

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To drive these open initiatives, ONUG hosts two in-person workshops in New York City and either northern California or New York (TBD) in July and September respectively as well as monthly conference calls. This fall, the working groups will also present the ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Award to the company in each group that presents a proof of concept (PoC) that best addresses the requirements and guidelines outlined by the working group members. More information on the ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Awards is available here.


IT executives and academics interested in joining the initiatives should fill out the signup form below.

All vendors and cloud/service providers interested in participating, please contact sponsors@onug.net with initiatives inquiries and to receive the full initiatives agreement.
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Right Stuff Innovation Awards 

All ONUG Fall demonstrators are encouraged to present a 10-minute proof of concept on any past or current ONUG Use Case. Those who decide to present a PoC based on the Monitoring & Analytics or Software-Defined Security Services guidelines will be automatically eligible to considered for the new ONUG Right Stuff Awards. You do not need to have participated in the working groups in order to be eligible.

More information on the ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Awards is available here.

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Helpful Working Group Resources

ONUG Open IT Framework Industry Initiatives – The past working groups have transitioned into ONUG Working Group Initiatives aimed at bringing together vendors, cloud/service providers, standards organizations, open source communities, and entrepreneurs to take the working group requirements and develop corresponding standards and open source code, while also creating a governing body to oversee their development.

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