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Meeting minutes of Feb 1, 2017 ONUG SD-WAN Exchange (OSE) Initiative conference call


Time: Feb 1 2017 1:30pm -2:30pm EST


Nick, Alex Kurgan, Ali Sydney, Andy Kulawiak, Anusha, Dogu Narin, George Zhao, Linda Dunbar,  Manoj, Marco Murgia, Pete Kwon, Raj (Bloomburg), Ryan Pena (FedEx), Sal Rannazzisi, Scot Clark, Scott VandeHouten (working on SD-WAN & IWAN), Snehal patel, Steve (Cisco, SD-WAN Architecture), Toshai Dudhwala (Nuage), Yang.

Call-in-User 12 (Century Link), Call-in-user-8, Call-in-user-10, Call-in-user-18, Call-in-user-19

Discussion Highlight: 

The purpose of the group:

  • The group is not to create standard, but to create service level specification.
  • Ability to communicate policies & capability between domains.
  • Controller/Orchestrator, 


Many SDOs (BBWF, MEF, ONF) have reached out to ONUG for liaisons. Not sure if we need to partner with all of them.


Linda Dunbar from Huawei volunteered.

Steve: it is good that you can be primary. For meetings you can’t attend, you can ask for more.

Review of the current Status. 

–  The group will have 3 Interim sessions and 4 in-person meeting.

–  Added the additional use cases of SD-WAN provider peering as a transit path.

–  Service proposals: reachability – API method, & Authentication Proposal.

–  Will focus on SD-WAN service definitions, very much like what MEF defines the Ethernet services, including:

o   Path Management service Definition

o   Authentication between domains

o   Security (confidentiality/crypto)

o   Reachability route exchange

o   Segmentation

o   Service mapping at exchange points

o   Cloud Services Access: vPC, SaaS, IaaS

o   Service Chaining 

o   Application name mapping 

Proposed work:

–  Metadata exchange 

–  Path selection 

Toshal Dudhwala: Want to make sure that API is not the only proposal . There is BGP based also.

Steve: you are correct. We will make changes on the slides. 

Nick: ONUG is not a standard group. We hope to be able to break them into pieces, and hand to the right organization to specify the standard.

Agenda for NYC meeting (2/15 and 3/28; both at BNY Mellon, 101 Barclay St)

– Scoping of a PoC or Demo if possible

– Work breakdown

– Volunteers

– Contributions to Service Specifications

– API /Interface discussions – Getting started on definitions.

Steve: the NYC meeting is not like IEEE802 meeting. It is not as deep.

Xx: are we expecting more vendors? 

Steve: we similar vendors’ participants as last year. Silverpeak may join

Anusha: I am representing them. 

Jeannette: on the wiki there is the list of vendor participants: