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ONUG Monitoring and Analytics Working Group

Minutes of Face-to-Face meeting, 12:00pm – 4:00pm, Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Vendor Co-Chairs: Paul Barrett (NETSCOUT), Nabil Bitar (Nuage/Nokia)

Co-Chairs: Ted Turner (Intuit), Aryo Kresnadi (Fedex), [Neal Snecher (BNY Mellon) – unable to attend]

  1. Introductions

Participants introduced themselves.

  1. Terminology

The meeting briefly reviewed the M&A Use Cases document. Paul explained that the intention was to continue to develop the document, and use it as a place where the group’s conclusions could be recorded. The editor of the document is Babak Roushanaee (NETSCOUT)

It was agreed that a list of terms and definitions would be useful in progressing the work.

  1. Discussion on network data dimensions, metrics and analysis

The group discussed the following topics:-

Data dimensions

  • Service/Application
  • Server
  • Client/group of clients
  • Network Segment
  • DSCP

Data derived from network

  • Volume related
    • Packets/bytes
    • Number of connections
    • N/W latency
  • Transactional (real or synthetically generated)
    • Response time
      • TCP level, Application level
    • Application errors
  • Conversations

Data Analytics

  • Time series
    • May need up to 13 months of data
    • Time resolution depend on data and may need to be customized on-demand
  • Events/Alerts
    • May be based on baseline analysis or thresholds
  • Discovery
    • Application dependencies
    • Network path

Additional considerations

  • Need to monitor both data plane and control plane, e.g. routing activity/convergence, etc
  • Network element state
    • g. CPU/memory of network elements, forwarding tables
  • Overlay/underlay considerations
  • Public cloud/hybrid cloud considerations (for April)
    • Use network, but don’t own it
    • Methods of accessing packets may need different

It was agreed that the group would focus on the physical network for the Spring ONUG conference, and then consider sources, such as vSwitches, after that.

Paul said he would ask Babak to add text reflecting the discussion on network data dimensions, metrics and analysis.

  1. Next meeting

The next Monitoring and Analytics meeting will be a Webex, on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.