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Monitoring & Analytics 2.0 Initiative–February 1, 2017 Meeting Notes



Nick Lippis – Co Founder ONUG
Aryo Kresnadi – FedEx Co-Chair
Josh Saul / Apstra – New York.. NBC/GE/
Don Fedyk / HP Data Center Infrastructure – Distinguish technology
Nikhil Handigol / Forward Networks
Yefim Pipko / Thousand Eyes
Gopi Gopalakrishnan / thousand Eyes ..
Victor Liu / Visa
Arup Chakravarty / Metlife Managed the Network Engineering Aspect of Met
Karlo – Solarwinds.. Principal Architect of Data Center..
Neal Secher — BNY Mellon. 
Nick Kephart – 
Snehal Patel  / Gap 
Jonathan Cornell / Pluribus Network Principal Architect
Tina Zhang / Cisco Systems / Solution Architect
Senad — Nuage Networks
Ted Turner/Intuit – 
Michael Langdon / 
George / Huawei
Somebody from Visa
Sandeep / Viptela

Kick Off Meeting for The Traffic Analytics + Monitoring

  • Nomination for Vendor Co-Chair

Polling from the team for that at the end of the meeting.

  • Merge Monitoring / analytics and Brilliant Box.

Rationalization on that.. Tee that up for the February 15, 2017 meeting.

What we like to do for the face of face meeting.

BNY Mellon 

  • Volunteer for Secretary of the Monitoring and Analytics.

Agenda/ Schedule: 

  • WebEx
  • Face to Face, February 15, 2017.. BNY Mellon, March 8, 2017 in Yahoo,

Task Master.. How do we do that? 

Retool the new world .. SDN.. 

Vendor Co-Chair Selection:
Gopi Gopalakrisnan / Nomination 1.. DFA
Nabil / Nuage CTO/VP for Verizon FiOS
Don Fedyk/ HPE Distinguish — 30 years.. Developer, manager, architect.. Standard: IETF — RFC Traffic Engineering, IEEE – Source Path Bridging. 30 some odd patents..


Problem Statement/use cases?

What we should focus. 

Create a wiki? How to create communication channel

What we can get input

Slack/Channel? Do we need that? 

Get some thoughts.. What to focus..

Redefining uses cases? What is needed

What will need to focus our effort.

What is the current challenge? 

What key use cases that we need 

What is the focus that needed? 


Vendor co-chair

Modality — poll.. Linkedin, email,

February 15, 2017 — On site meeting.. First half of the meeting.. Use case, how we rationalized, how we focus, and how to

Use cases/prioritization — 

Implementation plan and schedule

Secretary: Nominate of the on the meeting