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ONUG Open Hybrid Cloud Working Group–March 2, 2017, Meeting Notes


EC3 meeting Feb 28th

Good meeting conducted between our Working Group and E3C

Strong alignment stated by Goldman Sachs of what they need to work on vs our Working Groups

High focus seems to center on connecting to CSP’s and how to best do that – perhaps an area for “starter kit collaboration”

ACTION:  Nick to wait on proposed next steps from E3C

451 Research TCO Model

Nick will ask 451 to provide incentive for companies to participate; eg, 3-month advance view of results/deeper dive & personalized session to go over results

451 is behind on their strawman

ACTION:  Members should be discussing their ability to participate/share data internally within their enterprises to gain agreement/identify any limitations

  • Initial target list of respondents:  GE, Fidelity, FedEx, Citi, Merck
  • Bob to follow-up this week to confirm with each company


  • Bob asked Eric for ETA to help set expectations
  • Nick asked Eric for a “letter of engagement” that IT executives can use to communicate the terms of engagement, anonymity and value to them, so to speed up the approval process

CSP Barrier draft input

Discussion surround fact that only 4 companies have provider “CSP barrier” input to date.

Nick stated that this is a basic need to fuel the Working Group; please take the time to participate

Discussed panel candidates for the ONUG Spring Session


  • Bob to follow-up with individual companies yet to respond to stimulate their input
  • Nick to invite CSP participants to ONUG Working Group meeting on Mar 26th to review top 5 barrier input
  • Nick to invite Equinix to participate in ONUG Spring
  • Nick to reach out to desired panel members