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ONUG Open Hybrid Cloud Working Group–June 8, 2017, Meeting Notes


Minutes are in 2 parts

  1. A) Brief summary of Nick’s ONUG Spring review
  2. B) Proposal on structure/approach moving to ONUG Fall
  1. A) ONUG Spring ’17

Nick declared ONUG Spring to be “major success” – CSP’s on-stage responding to the collective requirements of the enterprise for the first time!

Polling data revealed:

– ~75% of enterprises will adopt cloud within next 3 years

– 71% of enterprises believe they will not build their own data centers past 2020

– Barriers to adopting cloud are app architecture, portability, connectivity, training, seurity & compliance

– over 60% of enterprises intend to deploy to more than one CSP

– Prioritized desired solutions surround Connectivity, Portability and Encryption Methods

– Participants are looking to ONUG for help in pushing use cases into demos and real-life deployments, defining and delivering reference architectures

Congratulations to all on continuing to grow ONUG to have more industry relevance and participation!!

  1. B) Proposal for ONUG Fall ’17

We discussed transitioning the Hybrid Cloud from “Working Group” to “Initiative”…move from “thinking” to “doing”

Goal is to drive the Hybrid Cloud framework and its realization on behalf of Enterprises with direct CSP/Service Provider engagement

Hybrid Cloud is considered “umbrella” instrument for the framework but farms out realization of certain components to other ONUG Initiative groups.

Proposed work to be done between now and ONUG Fall – leveraging both two face-face sessions (BNY Mellon, Jul 25/25; SF Sept TBD) as well as bi-monthly WebEx meetings:

– Agree on framework components (draft below to edit)

– Agree which ONUG Group has responsibility per component (draft below to edit)

– Agree on the ONUG Fall deliverable in form of POC/demo per component (draft below to edit)

– Agree on ownership of the deliverables – who is accountable to lead execution (for discussion)

Proposed Hybrid Cloud Framework consists of following elements (we can discuss to add/delete/edit):

1) Connectivity – owned by ONUG SDWAN Group – Fall deliverable:  working model(s)/demo(s) of how enterprises can best connect Data Centers/Remote Sites to Multiple CSP’s

2) App Portability – owned by ONUG HC Group – Fall deliverable:  working model(s)/demo(s) of app(s) that can port across private cloud/multiple CSP via containers

3) Security – owned by ONUG SW-Defined Security Services – Fall deliverable:  working model(s)/demo(s) of one of 3 primary use cases identified in Spring ’17

4) Visibility – owned by ONUG Monitoring & Analytics – Fall deliverable:  working model(s)/demo(s) of one of use cases identified in Spring ’17

5) Cloud TCO – owned by 451 Research – Fall deliverable – creation/delivery of TCO model, completed by 3-4 primary ONUG enterprises

6) Training – owned by Steering Group TBD – Fall deliverable – EITHER:  Expand ONUG Academy with additional vendor participants offering courses at ONUG Fall beyond Google AND/OR: (more ambitious) Develop vendor-neutral cloud education/certification program [first deliverable has higher probability?]

Proposed next steps:  

  1. i) Team discussion on Thu Jun 22 -> does this make sense? Other (contrarian) ideas welcome.  Augmentation/Edit of this construct welcome.  If you can’t join Thu, please send thoughts via email.
  2. ii) If adopted, Nick – need your help to facilitate adoption of this construct across the other WG/Initiatives – get their buy-in

iii) Team/Carlos:  Need to decide among Hybrid Cloud:  how/who do we engage to produce Fall deliverable regarding container-based demos

  1. iv) Nick – assume you will address the training piece on your ONUG Evangelical tour; also look for where CSP’s & Service Providers want to plug in above
  2. v) Nick/Carlos – need to get with Eric/451 to see where they are at – maybe determine who/how to provide some light PM to ensure this moves by Fall