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ONUG Open Hybrid Cloud Working Group–July 6, 2017, Meeting Notes



Cloud TCO Model

We will move forward with Cloud TCO Model with 451 Research such that we will have an initial result set for ONUG Fall.  Eric@451 will be sending out an Engagement Letter that enterprise HCWG members can use to easily socialize the intent and benefit of participation internally within their orgs.  All enterprises participating in the WG are welcome to participate.  We will specifically target GE, Citi, FedEx, Gap and Merck as initial participants.  Bob will be sending emails to those entities seeking confirmation of their participation.  Eric will send the Engagement Letter and Questionnaire to Bob who will distribute to the entire WG

Volunteers Needed!

We need enterprise WG members to raise their hand to allocate short but important engagement on 3 fronts over the course of the next 1-2 months

1) Develop PoC Guidelines to give to vendor community on both Cloud Abstraction through Broker models or Container Orchestration approach such that the vendors can develop and present PoC at ONUG Fall

2) Develop high-level requirements for Container Orchestration companies that we can present to them, and have a select group of Container Orch vendors come on-stage at ONUG Fall to address our requirements (emulating approach we took with CSP’s at ONUG Spring)

3) Present your company’s Hybrid Cloud strategy and challenges you are having to design & execute in brief 10-20 min presentation that can be done at BNY Mellon on Jul 25/26 or at San Fran 2-day session to be set TBD in Sept.

For 1 & 2 above, perhaps we can have an ONUG HCWG member take the lead for each so we have a driver accountable to deliver, and other members agree to participate under that person’s direction.

Please raise your hand or else we will come solicit your participation 🙂

Lastly:  Need to confirm that ONUG SDWAN will run with Cloud Connectivity POC’s for ONUG Fall.  Nick/Snehal – let’ confirm who is connecting these dots.