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ONUG Open Hybrid Cloud Working Group–July 20, 2017, Meeting Notes


Nick Review of recent events

– 2-day workshop at BNY Mellon in Jul has been pushed out until Sept 12/13; Nick to send formal announcement of the new date/time/logistics

– Reinforced paradigm that the HCWG is considered umbrella group for Hybrid Cloud; various work efforts will be farmed out to other groups (SDWAN Exchange, Monitoring & Analytics, SW-Defined Security) to develop requirements/papers/POC’s in their assigned areas.

– Right Stuff Awards will be presented during ONUG Fall – 3 independent judges to award vendor efforts to deliver PoC’s against defined enterprise requirements

– HCWG will focus on development of requirements for Container Orchestration for ONUG Fall; target companies such as Google/K8S, Mesos, Docker, etc to respond and conduct demos at the event

– HCWG will document 1-pager of such requirements – Aaron/Cisco will lead effort to generate questions, requirements enterprises have.  Will be inclusive of not only how the tools operate, but how much effort it takes to stand them up, and their capability to deploy to multiple environments (eg, private clouds, multiple CSP’s)

– Discussion that it would be interesting to have a session at ONUG Fall looking at state of containers vs serverless; compare and contrast – to educate the community

– Nick called for HCWG to take action to name 1-2 vendor co-chairs for the Committee to help flush out details; other ONUG WG’s have employed a similar approach successfully

– Bob recommended reaching out to providers such as Cloud Tech Partners as entities that have skill, motivation, and resources to help do some of the heavy lifting in developing material against the direction we give them

– Discussion on where work towards Cloud Connectors (eg, Equinix Cloud Exchange) belongs – in OSE or HCWG committees; to be discussed further but HCWG sees this as ‘connectivity’ issue that should be addressed by OSE


1) Nick to revitalize efforts with Gap, FedEx, Citi, Merck to engage with 451 Research to complete the TCO Cloud Model.  Bob already connected Eric to Russell Cozart of GE

2) Aaron to lead drafting of Container Orchestration requirements/questions for next meeting on Aug 4th; Aaron will publish a starting point and all other HCWG members should add their thoughts.

3) Carlos to lead drafting of taxonomy for HC for next meeting on Aug 4th.  Carlos will publish a starting point and all other HCWG members should add their thoughts.  Will represent program needs of typical enterprise in areas of compliance, security, governance, data gravity, cost, etc.  Once we have defined taxonomy, we will determine how much to bite off for ONUG Fall – continuing to deliver pieces in shorter work efforts than go for big bang that would take longer

4) HCWG members need to indicate to Nick who will be attending the Sept 2-day workshop

5) Bob, Nick, Carlos to reach out to CTP to gauge interest in assisting with efforts


Aaron Levin – Cisco

Mick Curry – Fidelity

George Zhao – Huawei

Tige Chastain – Gap

Yusuke ? 

Carlos Matos – BoA

Nick Lippis – ONUG

Jeannette Tibbetts – ONUG

Bob Wysocki – ONUG