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ONUG Open Hybrid Cloud Working Group–February 2, 2017 Meeting Notes


(Please reply if you will be at RSA – those that are going (I will be there) can seek each other out as desired)


TCO MODEL FOR HYBRID CLOUD:  Eric Hanselman of 451 Research described the process he will use with the ONUG HCWG to develop a broad TCO model for private/public cloud

  1. Establish scope/scale with ONUG Board: 
    1. intended to cover both non-recurring start-up, deployment costs as well as ongoing run cost
    2. will run across disciplines:  technical, operational, governance
  2. Establish Use Cases with HCWG members
  3. Develop questionnaire & conduct interviews
  4. Review/Publish results
  5. Further deep dive (optional) with those that are interested

ACTIONS:  451 to provide write-up of what to expect as well as distribute their current Cloud Pricing Index material


  • Received 4 inputs to date from Pfizer, Fidelity, FedEx and 1st Data
  • ACTIONS:  Balance of HCWG will seek to provide input for next meeting – Bob will seek to do initial affinity diagram


EC3 group has requested that HCWG attend meeting at Goldman Sachs on Feb 27th – identify how they can support what we are are doing and vice versa; how to best engage for mutual benefit

ACTIONS:  Nick, Carlos, Bob to attend

EC3 & HCWG share some characteristics, not others

  • EC3 organized by Intel; mostly for financial services, focused on developing common, standardized processes, elements that they require from CSP; Microsoft & Google participate;  not much AWS
  • HCWG is a mxi of CSP’s and IT professionals across much broader section of industry – we aren’t organized by a vendor, self-organized


451 will leverage their Cloud pricing index data set; they have a few years of running time;

Effort launched will be to extend CPI into into more specific enterprise TCO – model will run across public cloud providers, private cloud, Openstack

  1. Identify nature of cost model – what it will encompass – how far to go in terms of cost capability – steady state environments, individual execution
    1. Also include NRC – establishing cloud connectivity, up front engineering, retargeting orchestration into multiple venues
    2. Will tease out individual org cost for each factor
  2. Longer-term piece
    1. Labor and integration, infra costs, interconnection requirements
    2. Big piece of the model– how to normalize based on model workloads/need to validate that they meet what we are deploying

Guesstimate of involvement:  6-8 hour commitment in interview process, data gathering to put that together

Expect to begin 3rd or 4th week of Feb – Feb 13th or 20th

451 will generate a write-up of what to expect as well as circulate their current Cloud Pricing Index material

451:  will bring a Straw man to start and propose people/roles to include from the enterprise

Not expected to sit down with only one person per company – will need to have multiple people per org – will give time to assemble people, schedule – will need product mgr, technical, etc

Expectation it will be iterative process – if can get everyone together great, probability is low so will likely have multiple meetings per enterprise

  1. Q) What about the sensitivity of info that we can share – what level it needs to be (financial industry, compliance)
  2. A) Expectation – reasonable depth about actual cost; results will be retained by 451 and not shared with group; not serious deep dive in salary structure – relatively high level

               Abstracted, not identifiable to participant; happy to do NDA  but should not be required

               Will agree on level of depth during interview process

Comment:  Need to include up-front cost to create automation platform, refactor apps, execute fundamental architecture change, establish governance & interconnection model, etc – These are critical as they represent barriers to entry

Also – If wish to do business with 3 providers – some of these factors are not common across CSP’s (eg, automation, governance) – they are not abstracted today so the non-recurring cost grows larger

Meeting Attendees

Colin Fraser – Chicago Transit Authority

Michael Wynston – 1st Data

Jim Younan – UBS

Raj Mathialagan –

Carlos Mater – Fidelity Investments

Snehal Patel – The Gap

Lev Feldman – Citi

Bob Wysocki – GE

Manoj Koshti – Ellie Mae

Tina Zhang – Cisco

Michael Langdon – Juniper

Harmeet Sahni – Nuage

Senad Palislamovic – Nuage

Yang Yang – Huawei

Linda Dunbar – Huawei


Eric Hanselman – 451 Research

Jeannette Tibbits – ONUG

Nick Lippis – ONUG


Bob Wysocki
Network Edge Leader

GE Digital