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ONUG Open Hybrid Cloud Working Group–February 16, 2017 Meeting Notes

by Bob Wysocki, GE Digital

EC3 meeting Feb 28th

Nick suggesting that we allow EC3 enterprises to minimally participate in 451 Research TCO data collection; potentially fold EC3 into HCWG?

ACTION:  Nick to send draft presentation early next week


451 Research TCO Model

  • ACTION:  Members should be discussing their ability to participate/share data internally within their enterprises to gain agreement/identify any limitations
  • 451 is finalizing the straw man for review; Khalid Maletan from 451’s Advisors team has officially joined the project to manage the interview and delivery process. 
  • Eric is working with Khal on the question set – to be finalized by the end of next week, the 24th.


CSP Barrier draft input

  • Review the 4 inputs (attached) – Commented that there is a fair amount of information not yet documented
  • Nick proposed 2 additional barriers: 
    • Budget Disposition – budget to do cloud likely buried across multiple orgs within typical enterprise
    • Security R&R:  few number of resources potentially end up taking on larger R&R in cloud model
  • Definitely need to brainstorm/input more barriers and multi-vote in next meeting
    • ACTION: Bob to reach out more personally to those that have not yet responded
  • Theorized that barriers felt are likely different for enterprises based on where they are in their cloud adoption journey
    • Those who have yet started are likely struggling more with Internal barriers of adoption (eg, TCO/Budget Disposition, resourcing/skilling up, tackling compliance needs)
    • Those that are farther along have more pressing needs for the CSP’s (common API, common services)
  • We talked about collecting all barriers as they are all valid – however
    • Perhaps HCWG needs to take on task of providing a “Starter Kit” for enterprises who have not yet begun their journey consisting of best practices/tools & templates
    • And then we need to ensure that we press the CSP’s for barriers they can affect during ONUG Spring


Meeting Attendees

Michael Wynston – 1st Data

Carlos Mater – Fidelity Investments

Snehal Patel – The Gap

Bob Wysocki – GE

Tina Zhang – Cisco

Nick Lippis – ONUG