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Participants Jan 13, 2016

Carlos Matos

Ted Turner


Tom S

Piyush Gupta

Ravi Malhotra


Housekeeping review of previous working group meetings, wiki, mailing list

12/16/15 Recorded Meeting

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This working group will help to define a declarative method to

Think of load balancing as a service

Start of meeting

Welcome back from the holidays.

Previous work identifying metrics and telemetry for all 3 domains (network / Storage / Compute) overlaps with the network state group so we will drop the idea

Possible integration with controller federation framework

Open Network Discovery standard (Stephan)

Based on comments from Brian regarding the differences of the two groups in terms of timing and phases, a possible alternative is to identify  gaps that on the entire management process to define possible use cases and for the November time frame we present recommendation for open systems or solutions for these different gap areas

Some other use cases or ideas (Please bring as many as you can think and we can vote)

Open IPAM and IP Addressing broker solution

Open Asset Management /  CMDB and asset configuration Integration

Open switch Configuration and Open switch API standard

Shared Policy management configuration

Open Event management


What are the areas of interest for Working Group members for the tools above.

What are targets of working groups?  What do, we as a group, provide to vendors


API calls

Service Discovery/ Service Definition

  • enabling re-provisioning (copy one corporate site configuration to another similar site)
  • enable new builds
  • enable automated integration into CMDB
  • enable service chaining
  • Discovery
    • Need a standard definition / service catalog
    • provides a standard to which vendors will contribute to the service catalog
    • provides a standard of interfaces & services that can be used as reproducible components
    • ** for instance – think load balancer as a service

*******what are the components for a generic load balancer, enabling any vendor to provide a service

*******what are the components for north/south and east/west integration with other network components


Leads to integration with other working groups

  • State
  • audit compliance
  • service mapping
  • component mapping  / dependencies
  • allows for modularization and templating


What are the components?

Load Balancer as a service

Firewall as a service

Security as a service (LDAP / auth)

DNS as a service

Management federation

This list will get longer


General concepts

End Users call out “what”

  • Simple expression of needs

Automation tools provide “how”, with available defined components in CMDB/catalog

  • complex integration


Policy as a service


Creating open catalog defintions

Can this be automated?

Can we create portfolios of dependent services?

Can we build frameworks of standard builds?

Process can be bottom up (physical ports, CPU, memory) to integrate into the CMDB/service catalog

Process can be top down, allowing for simplicity, but gets down into details required for physical components


Thoughts to account for integration

Northbound API

Requires common  / standard API for CMDB integration

integration with network service broker (Open Daylight??)

definition of elements available

  • SNMP, API, command line, REST


Southbound integration

Allows for specific plug-ins to allow any vendor to provide the service through the CMDB and automation

Accounts for specific attributes to be presented in the Northbound API (ie. CPU – speed, cores, temperature, power state)

Allows for insertion into catalog or CMDB

Allows for virtualization of physical components (ie. CPU – allocate 20% to a specfic service)

Allows for assignment of policy, allowing for service levels