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Spring 2015

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Fall 2015

ONUG IT Service Lifecycle Management Automation Framework (SLMAF) Proof of Concepts:  The following simple use cases are proposed to be presented at this Spring ONUG in May at the first set of PoC based upon the ONUG IT SLMAF.  


1.    Simple addition of a printer to a network

  • End user / Staff member acquires off the shelf printer from retail establishment
  • End user is able to plug printer into the network simply, and provide print services for all staff in the office space
  • Engagement of IT staff should not be necessary
  • This use case is simplistic, but leads to automation of end points (IoT), end user, DC servers and services, Cloud Services

2.    Provisioning of services (2 servers/services)

  • SERVER 1 – Front end (ie. web server)
  • SERVER 2 – Application (ie. oauth 2.x)
  • This use case is simplistic, but leads to automation of services in corporate, DC, cloud and SAAS provisioning

 These simple use cases allow the ONUG Lab to develop several items including 1) interoperability of any vendor added into this lab configuration, 2) hygiene for each use case, to make as much of the lab reusable as possible and 3) standard mechanisms to allow any technology to fit into the lab, meeting with the objective of cooperation.



Next steps

Auto discovery platform, service, device



                CMDB (Data Modelling)

                ITIL reference models

                Top down approach

                                Define producers – publishers

                                Define consumers – clients

                Engineering methodology

                Reference Architecture

Interoperation with other working groups

                SDN federation working group white paper (see screenshot)

                                UML business processes


Outcomes – Current immediate needs

                Defined frameworks for interoperation between working groups

                Defined frameworks for vendor participation


Outcomes – Spring ONUG 2016

                Requested members provide interests in management domains (corp, wan, dc, SAAS, IAAS)






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Screenshot of Federation and Operability orchestration



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