Meeting recording


  • Ted Turner
  • Brian Hedstrom
  • Maxime Bugat
  • ??Matthew Caesar
  • ??Nick Lippis – CoFounder /Co-Chair Open Network User Group

Vendor Attendees:

  • Stefan Dietrich – Glue Networks
  • ??Michael Githens – Ixia – testing sponsor, helping us validate solutions


  1. Introductions – quick recaps
  2. Automation tools
    • Leave this to the vendors to help us understand what tool sets look like
    • Future capabilities – RESTFul interfaces
    • Brownfield  – is this possible, desirable, cost effective
    • Look to service providers to share capabilities for automated provisioning
      • Leads towards deep capability in administrative domains
      • ALSO leads to coordination of capabilities across administrative domains
  3. Potential “shared use cases” and “pain points” with sister working groups
    1. WG-Orchestration
      1. single administrative domains (switching, routing, etc)
      2. across multiple administrative domains (security, network, application, service providers, user self service)
    2. WG-Network State Collection, Correlation and Analytics
    3. WG-Federation
  4. Automated Initial Configuration?
    1. Need to better define administrative domains – ability to define deep dive technologies
      1. See definitions from WG – Network State Collection, Correlation and Analytics
    2. Need to better define, inter operation  across domains
  5. Pain Point review
    1. completed – helped identify why our use cases exist
  6. Use Cases
    1. These topics are meaty and complex.
    2. How many of these items should we cover for presentation in the Fall ONUG meeting?
      1. Call outs for multiple domains, as identified in the use cases
  7. Action Items
    1. Seek more interaction with ONUG membership / working group members
    2. Reach out to sister working groups to minimize the amount of re-work
    3. Move to bi-weekly meeting format
    4. Start formatting build / flow for presentation for ONUG Fall
      1. Ideas / concepts of ONUG membership
      2. Integration of previous definitions by working groups
      3. Review opportunities for vendors to showcase solutions for ONUG membership
        • There are probably three tracks
          — legacy (brownfield)
          — current technologies not widely adopted (think NetConf, Yang)
          — new (Restful API, with scaling triggers – think AWS cloud bursting)

Pain Points identified contributing to use cases

  • Ted’s new example, based on hallway conversation today – new firewall implementations with a global footprint
  • VMWare is too expensive – businesses are moving to Open Stack
  • If a configuration can be identified as predictable and safe….
    • Can the change be automated
    • How can changes be validated
    • If desired outcomes are not achieved, execute automatic roll back
  • Change design and validation
    • During provisioning or change implementation
  • Brown field
    • Include provisioning of older network gear when building new network zones
  • Real need for “current build” network modelling
    • Leads to deficiency  / fault remediation
    • Leads to fault remediation – automation

Review previous use cases – looking for top 10 (high level items from previous meeting listed here)

  • Enterprise AP provisioning for thousands of APs, with hundreds of nodes attached each
  • Enterprise network LAN provisioning, with unique templates / cases for specific types of connected devices
  • Add entire environments
  • Add servers
  • Network component automation
  • Automate network services
  • Data center automation
  • Cloud orchestration
  • Hybrid cloud integration
  • WAN management / path selection /path optimization
  • Users / subscribers