Why Computer Scientists are Running Open Cloud Infrastructure

The Diminishing Role of NetOps, SysOps, StorageOps


Eric Hanselman


Eric Hanselman, 451 Research





Aditya Akella headshotPAGE 2 - Pablo HeadshotSteve RussellHarmen van der Linde headshot

  • Aditya Akella, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Pablo Espinosa, Intuit
  • Steve Russell, Morgan Stanley
  • Harmen Van der Linde, Citigroup

Session Description

Network and storage infrastructure was built by professionals with no need for software coding skills. A network made up of thousands of network devices could be deployed by staff without the need to write one line of code, just Command Line Interface syntax. While this model worked well during the 90s and early 2000s, it is quickly becoming obsolete as CCIE hiring days are over. Open cloud infrastructure is moving complexity up the stack into compute where it is being run by Computer Scientists. With hardware and software being separated from network and storage infrastructure, a new software-defined architecture has emerged that is constructed with programmable commodity network switches and virtualized network and storage overlays, and orchestrated with data center scheduling/indexing tools. In short, with complexity moving out of hardware and into software up the stack, business value creation and return is now in software.

In this session panel members share their experiences with this new architecture and describe the changing skill sets needed to manage open cloud infrastructure.