How to Automate, Program, & Secure Your Network




Sunay Tripathi, Pluribus




The tutorial will cover the following:

  • New generation of OCP style 10/40/100Gbps switches and switch chip to help make better buying decision
  • Network architectures based on Leaf/Spine models to allow high speed networks at economical prices
  • Explore high availability and no-over subscription in leaf/spine designs
  • Discuss various SDN models, their strength and weakness as it applies to data centers and enterprises
  • Plug and Play architecture and server side capabilities that helps automate the network
  • Managing the network as one logical network
  • Scale your Layer 2 networks with broadcast/loop free topologies
  • Build large scale Layer 3 networks with BGP/ECMP and understand the advantages vs configuration and debugging challenge
  • Cover centralized vs Distributed Controllers, design ideas and hands on manage the network
  • Overlay vs Underlay and using the switch TCAM to offload VTEPs to switches
  • How to monitor and debug the network using SDN principles and analytics applications
  • Building and using Analytics, Monitoring and Compliance using SDN applications on switches
  • Program the network using vflow API to take actions based on analytics, monitoring and security tools
  • More programming using C, Java and Rest API
  • Northbound interfaces to plug into Openstack, vSphere, ODL, etc to orchestrate the entire infrastructure as one

Who Should Attend 

  • Network operations
  • DevOps
  • SecOps
  • Virtualization operations teams
  • Enterprise data center architects
  • Cloud services architects and administrators
  • OpenStack users
  • Network Architects

Learning Objective 1:

Understand the new generation of OCP style 10/40/100Gbps switches, econmic model and how to put together a leaf/spine model with HA with 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 over subscription. Using new SDN Operating Systems to automate and manage the network in easy to use and plug and play manner.

Learning Objective 2:

Secure the network with SDN style applications that help monitor the physical and overlay network, Virtual machine and applications down to individual TCP connections without sampling or using TAPs/separate monitoring network.

Learning Objective 3:

Program the network to take action of analytics and compliance reports using scripting, C, Java or REST API and connect the network to cloud orchestration systems.