Understanding SDN-Based Network Virtualization

Srini Seetharaman

When: May 6, 2:00-3:30PM

Instructor: Srini Seetharaman
Technical Lead for Software Defined Networking, Deutsche Telekom


Guest Speakers: 

Brad Hedlund, Engineering Architect, VMware

Dimitri Stiliadis, Founder and Chief Architect, Nuage Networks

Don Clark, Director Corporate Business Development, NEC

Jacob Rapp, Senior Manager SDN Marketing, HP

John Sabasteanski, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems




Analogous to server virtualization, Network Virtualization decouples and isolates virtual networks (i.e. tenant) from the underlying network hardware. One of the key value propositions of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is to enable the provisioning and operation of virtual networks. There are several ways of achieving this, including two popular modes:

  • Overlay-mode, where edge servers are programmed to form intelligent overlays;
  • Fabric-mode, where SDN-enabled top-of-rack physical switches are controlled.

This tutorial motivates the need for network virtualization, describes the high-level requirements, provides an overview of all architectural approaches, and gives you a clear picture of the vendor landscape through a demo and a panel.


  1. Today’s data center networks
    • Motivation and Problems
  2. Network virtualization concepts
    • Solution, requirements
    • Interaction with NFV
  3. Architectural approaches
    • Overlay, Underlay/fabric, Combined
  4. Demonstration of a vendor approach
    • Cisco ACI demo
  5. Vendor Panel (with Nuage, VMware, NEC and HP)


Learning Objectives
  • Learn the basics of SDN and Network Virtualization, and how it relates to deploying cloud services
  • Learn indepth the typical architectures and deployment models for SDN-based network virtualization.
  • Understand the interaction with cloud management systems and L4-L7 services
  • Understand the vendor approaches and ecosystem

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