Transforming to Cloud-Based Applications with SD-WAN


  • Eric Lester, Acadia Healthcare
  • James Winebrenner, Viptela

Session Description

Healthcare service providers face major hurdles with their network infrastructure to deliver innovative cloud-based patient services. 15+ years of status quo has created a rigid infrastructure that cannot support modern cloud-based in-clinic services.

Learn how a large behavioral health clinic organization is leading this change with Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN). The implementation of SD-WAN across all clinics has empowered this lean IT organization to:

  • ·  Migrate to cloud-based healthcare applications
  • ·  Ensure 100% network uptime of patient and administrative services
  • ·  Transition to Hybrid WAN for Active/Active utilization and application based path selection
  • ·  Achieve zero-touch IT capability while migrating the clinic footprint to the cloud
  • ·  Rapidly enable services like guest WiFi, and cloud-based VoIP and medicinal dispensing 

The future of clinical healthcare makes SD-WAN an essential building block.