Town Hall Meeting

Without Open Networking Standards How Can You Operationalize?

Greg Lavender


  • Greg Lavender, Citigroup

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dimitri Stiliadis Dave Meyer guido_appenzeller Tom Edsall 3


  • Kenneth Duda, Arista
  • Dimitri Stiliadis, Nuage Networks
  • David Meyer, Brocade
  • Guido Appenzeller, VMware
  • Tom Edsall, Cisco



New to ONUG Fall is the Town Hall Meeting. Thanks to much demand from both IT business leaders and industry leaders, we’ve organized an open dialogue to explore the issues associated with operationalizing open networking technologies. The Town Hall meeting structure will consist of a panel of CEO/CTOs from vendor companies who will answer pre-submitted questions. The session will concentrate on problems and how vendors see open solutions addressing those problems, e.g., storage traffic engineering across fabrics, SDN-WAN use cases, open networking standards. In short, this format will allow the vendor community to take the stage and answer questions from the ONUG IT community. The goal is to engage in an industry dialogue around how to move toward operationalizing open networking.

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