Town Hall Meeting: The New Vendor/Buyer Roles


Harmen Van der Linde 




Najam Ahmad picture     

  • Najam Ahmad, Facebook
  • Chalan Aras, Citrix
  • Ken Duda, Arista
  • Ulrich Homann, Microsoft
  • Dave Ward, Cisco
  • Dominic Wilde, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Session Description

The ONUG Town Hall Meeting provides a forum for open and frank discussion between IT business leaders and industry leaders to explore issues associated with operationalizing cloud-based software-defined infrastructure technologies. This Town Hall Meeting addresses the question, “How do vendors and buyers have a productive conversation in the age of open software and public cloud services?”

As infrastructure buildout includes an increasing amount of open and closed source code, cloud services, start-up technologies, and existing suppliers, the conversation between IT business and industry leaders is changing – and not for the better! When a vendor talks to a user about solving a problem, often the IT business leader only hears a sales pitch. When a user expresses their needs to a vendor, the vendor hears that the user wants the solution to be open sourced, or a free solution. This exchange has become the norm and is mostly unproductive.

To address this topic, the ONUG Board chose its Town Hall Meeting format where the vendor community takes the stage and answers questions from the ONUG Community.