Town Hall Meeting: How to use Hybrid Cloud Services with Split Application Architecture

Greg Lavender



Greg Lavender, Citigroup




Martin Casado HeadshotKenneth Duda headshotTim HockinTobi Knaup HeadshotMadhu Venguopal headshot

  • Martin Casado, VMware
  • Ken Duda, Arista
  • Tim Hockin, Google
  • Tobias Knaup, Mesosphere
  • Madhu Venugopal, Docker

Session Description

The ONUG Community Town Hall Meeting provides a forum for open and frank discussion between IT business leaders and industry leaders to explore issues associated with operationalizing open infrastructure technologies. This Town Hall Meeting will focus on how to use hybrid cloud services with a split application architecture. A split application architecture may for example, provide scale-out micro-services running in an external cloud but “calling home” for scale-up database or other services. There are new challenges for how architect’s interconnect and operationally manage this “split architecture” combining dynamic scale-out with resilient scale-up. Cloud service providers are converging upon an infrastructure ecosystem made up of OpenStack, containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, etc. for their scale-out environment. The enterprise market is either mimicking this approach and/or converging upon KVM/VMWare with SDN (e.g., NSX) for virtual networking. But the virtual network needs to be extend out to the hybrid cloud (e.g. the Virtual Private Cloud concept) and  operations must be able to manage it all. To address this topic, the vendor community will take the stage and answer questions from the ONUG IT community.