Town Hall Meeting: Will The DevOps Model Deliver In The Enterprise?

Graeme HayModerator:

Graeme Hay





Najam Ahmad Mike Dvorkin team-tim Dimitri Stiliadis Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.18.45 PM

  • Najam Ahmad, Vice President, Network Engineering, Facebook 
  • Mike Dvorkin, Chief Scientist, Noiro, a Cisco project
  • Tim Gerla, CTO and Co-Founder, Ansible 
  • Dimitri Stiliadis, Founder and Chief Architect, Nuage Networks
  • Marc Woolward, Chief Technology Officer, vArmour 



Back by popular demand is the ONUG Town Hall Meeting.

The Town Hall Meeting provides a forum for open and frank discussion between IT business leaders and industry leaders to explore issues associated with operationalizing open infrastructure technologies.  The Town Hall Meeting topic focuses on DevOps and its potential role in NetOps.  As the softwareization of networking marches on, the question is will NetOps be replaced by automated orchestration controlled by DevOps?  Network professionals can build very large and complex infrastructure without writing one line of code.  However, the underpinning premise of DevOps is that it requires a culture of those who understand and know how to write software.  DevOps is just starting its enterprise journey and many believe that it’s not delivering on its promises making it far from clear that it has the organizational clout, not to mention tools, to manage enterprise grade software-defined infrastructure.  But is the softwareization of networking momentum to great to stem the tide of the increased role of DevOps in enterprise IT?  Or is there a better model or organization to build, configure and manage software-defined infrastructure?

To address this topic, the ONUG board choose its Town Hall meeting format where the vendor community takes the stage and answers questions from the ONUG community.  The goal is to engage in an industry dialog of how to move toward operationalizing open infrastructure.