The Second ONUG Great Debate – What is the Winning Strategy for Embracing SDN?

ONUG is very pleased to welcome Dr. Mockapetris to the Great Debate where he will challenge the previous winner of the ONUG Spring great debate, Dr. Comer.


Ernest Lefner


Ernest Lefner
ONUG co-founder and co-chairman
SVP Architecture & Engineering Executive, Bank of America




                                          doug comer             Headshot formal
Debaters:                    Dr. Douglas Comer               Dr. Paul Mockapetris

ONUG co-founder and co-chairman, Ernest Lefner, SVP Architecture & Engineering Executive of Bank of America will moderate ONUG’s Great Debate. Dr. Douglas Comer, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, internet pioneer, and author of the widely popular “Internetworking With TCP/IP” books will argue that before deploying Software-Defined Networks many issues need to be fixed, and that a commitment to basic research is needed. Dr. Paul Mockapetris an American computer scientist and internet pioneer who invented the Internet Domain Name System (DNS), will contest that SDN is helping to solve long-standing problems that are in need of fixing now and that there are open solutions available today such as OpenFlow, OpenStack, Containers, Open vSwitches, White Box Switches, Open Source Controllers, VMs, etc.  Dr. Mockapetris will argue that you will be in your competitor’s rear view mirror if you don’t take the right steps now.


The debate will center around the merits and pitfalls of open vs proprietary, best in class vs unified solutions, including or excluding SDN from storage and compute initiatives  as they provide context to help you develop a winning strategy for embracing SDNs.  You be the judge if SDN is needed now or if you can wait.  This great debate promises to be a lively industry discussion that you will not want to miss.

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