The Open Future of Industrial IoT at GE


 Kyle Forster picture  

  • Gabriel Faifman, GE Digital
  • Kyle Forster, Big Switch Networks
  • Herardo Martinez, GE Digital
  • Shafeeq Shaikh, GE Digital

Session Description

At ONUG, IoT is starting to boil to the top of use cases that the community needs to get ahead of. Next generation IoT is shifting from data collection for operational efficiently to analytics to realize new revenue streams, predict maintenance requirements, capacity management, increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction and overall improved product experience end-to-end. But the first generation of IoT infrastructure equipment is proprietary, expensive and inflexible. 

In this first of many ONUG IoT sessions, who other than GE to talk about a new open approach to IoT infrastructure deployment and management. During the session Shafeeq Shaikh, Sr. Director Cloud/Enterprise Network Strategy & Architecture, will lead a discussion on an Open-Network/Whitebox/API based approach to IoT infrastructure that is scalable, reliable, agile, lower cost and secure IoT Infrastructure deployment. The discussion with address IoT integration into infrastructure and security requirements. If time permits, visibility and control plus analytics requirements and approaches, visibility and control and if time permits Analytics.