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IT is undergoing a fundamental transition from a hardware-based infrastructure model to an open software-defined world where infrastructure is code. The ONUG Community is focused on influencing these industry changes in an effort to create positive outcomes and business value. During ONUG Fall 2015, 75% of the ONUG Community said that the transition to software-defined infrastructure would occur within two depreciation cycles! This shift, coupled with hybrid cloud economics, sets in motion a new on-demand IT industry model that the ONUG Community seeks to leverage for competitive advantage and cost relief. ONUG Spring 2016 will focus on network automation models, IT business leader-defined frameworks around Hybrid Cloud, Software-Defined Security, and Network Storage. In this morning’s keynote, Nick Lippis provides an update on our collaborative progress, how the industry is changing, and the ways in which ONUG Community is working to influence that change.