The Great Debate: Public vs. Private Cloud? Which Option is Best for High End Enterprises and Their Workloads?



Ernest Lefner

Bank of America



doug comer Bill Coughran

  • Pro Private: Dr. Douglas Comer, Purdue University
  • Pro Public: Bill Coughran, Sequoia Capital

Session Description

Moderated by ONUG co-founder and co-chairman, Ernest Lefner of Bank of America, this ONUG Great Debate center around whether public or private cloud is the best approach for the future of IT. Bill Coughran of Sequoia Capital will argue that public cloud services offers the best long term option for on-demand IT service delivery and lower cost. Dr. Douglas Comer of Purdue University will contend that IT business leaders can gain the same cost and agility benefits of public cloud and maintain better security, surveillance mitigation, regulatory compliance, and mitigate litigation/economic exposure by hackers by building their own private cloud infrastructure. This session will explore both sides of the argument with healthy involvement from the ONUG Community.