The Evolving Face of Networking

Steven Rosenbush



Steven Rosenbush, Wall Street Journal





Cliff Grossner Glenn Odonnell headshot Elisabeth Rainge Headshot

  • Cliff Grossner, IHS
  • Glenn O’Donnell, Forrester Research
  • Elisabeth Rainge, IDC

Session Description

Thanks to distributed computing workloads, mobile computing, and optical advances, networking is fundamentally changing. Networking is by and large a connectivity service that is dominated by connecting physical devices. However, as VM-VM, containers, micro-services, mobile and cloud computing start to dominate workloads, how will networking change and become more virtualized, open, and flexible?  This forward looking discussion, conducted by a panel of leading industry analysts and network researchers, will provide both a short and long term view of this exciting network evolution in the world of distributed computing.