Spring 2014 ONUG SDN Hackathon

Introducing the ONUG SDN Hackathon

Brought to you by Pertino and organized by SDN Hub and Stateless Networks, we have developed the ONUG SDN Hackathon to foster a networking industry software ecosystem that invites developers and network engineers to write applications for open programmable networks.

Hackers will arrive on Sunday, May 4 and complete their coding at ONUG Spring day one on Monday, May 5. The team behind SDN Hub, including Srini Seetharaman and Anirudh Ramachandran of Deutsche Telekom, will head up the Hackathon and provide technical support. While John Willis of Stateless Networks, who is both a DevOps expert and long time DevOps evangelist, will assist on process and design. Register here.

Schedule of Events
  • Welcome dinner and team formulation at Co. Pizza on Saturday, May 3
  • Registration ends Sunday, May 4
  • Day one: coding begins Sunday, May 4
  • Day two: coding concludes Tuesday, May 6 at 12:00PM
  • Presentations & ONUG community voting begin Tuesday, May 6 at 1:20PM
  • Award ceremony will take place at the ONUG After Party on Tuesday, May 6

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ONUG SDN Hackathon Prizes
  • First place: $500 per group member
  • Second place: $300 per group member
  • Third place: $150 per group member


ONUG Board Judges

Aryo Kresnadi

Aryo Kresnadi

Chief Engineer


Ernest Lefner

Ernest Lefner

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman 



Conrad Menezes

Conrad Menezes

VP, Information & Technology

formerly of Sears



Participation and Format

Participation is open to all, including academics, DevOps, network engineers, and industry veterans. ONUG Board members will provide seed application ideas. Programmers may write code on the platform of their choice. Applications developed at the Hackathon are open sourced and will be made available to the ONUG community and industry at large via the ONUG and SDN Hub websites.

At midday on Tuesday, May 6, each group will receive 5 minutes to present their application to the full ONUG conference audience. The ONUG community will then have the opportunity to vote on the best applications. ONUG Board members will act as final judges for all Hackathon applications and winners will be awarded prizes at the ONUG after party the evening of May 6. The top 3 winners will be offered the potential for SDN Hub to add coding resources to further develop the application for production. Winners will be judged upon their start and finish points with a view toward accomplishment.


ONUG will provide a WiFi router or other OpenFlow hardware. Teams will need to provide their own laptops capable of running VMs

Invitation to platform providers

Platform providers may make available a senior engineer to provide specific technical support to the Hackathon groups utilizing their platforms.