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  • ADARA Networks is the industry leader in Software Defined Networking. ADARA SDN is an entire ecosystem; End-to-End, Production-ready, for Service Providers and Enterprises of all sizes, and verticals.

    ADARA SDN also supports all 3rd party SDN and legacy products. ADARA SDN simultaneously and optimally financially engineers profits while operationally managing the enterprise. ADARA SDN enables dynamic management of services, virtual and physical infrastructure. ADARA SDN uses policies to dynamically create and enforce rules, configurations, and Service Level Agreements.

  • Arista Networks was founded to deliver software defined cloud networking solutions for large data center and computing environments. Its award-winning 10/40/100 GbE switches redefine scalability, robustness, and price–performance, with more than one million cloud networking ports being deployed worldwide. At the core of Arista’s platform is EOS, the world’s most advanced network operating system

  • Avi Networks is a silicon valley based start-up focused on bringing Software Defined Network Services to the market.

    The executive team has had experience building several billion+ dollar businesses in networking and servers. Eight out of ten datacenters worldwide run infrastructure delivered by the founding team. Most recently, Avi Networks’ CEO Umesh Mahajan, was the GM for the Data Center Business Unit at Cisco responsible for the inception, architecture, execution and delivery of the Nexus 7000 line of data center switches and the Nexus Operating System that runs all of Cisco’s data center switching product lines.

    Avi’s innovative software architecture for virtualized network services helps IT realize the vision of a highly automated cloud infrastructure that’s has the agility to enable rapid application deployment and scaling while focusing on ease of use and cost savings.

  • At Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) customers come first and an integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success. The concept of solutions being driven to address specific customer challenges has been with Cisco since its inception.

    Cisco has shaped the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors and ecosystem partners and has become the worldwide leader in networking. Cisco is innovating on various aspects of Open Networking with its Open Network Environment (Cisco ONE) Approach. More information can be found at www.cisco.com/go/one

  • Leveraging information dispersal technology, Cleversafe created a dispersed storage solution that gets better as it gets bigger. This highly reliable and secure system scales to the petabyte+ level for unstructured data, driving up to 65 percent of the storage costs out of the business while enabling global access and collaboration.

    Cleversafe’s object-based storage solution leverages information dispersal algorithms coupled with encryption to virtualize, slice, encrypt and disperse data across a network of storage nodes. There’s none of the data redundancy and incremental costs found in traditional methods, making it ideally scalable to the petabyte+ level.

  • F5 Networks provides solutions for an application world. F5 helps organizations seamlessly scale cloud, data center, and software defined networking (SDN) deployments to successfully deliver applications to anyone, anywhere, at any time. F5 solutions broaden the reach of IT through an open, extensible framework and a rich partner ecosystem of leading technology and data center orchestration vendors. This approach lets customers pursue the infrastructure model that best fits their needs over time. The world’s largest businesses, service providers, government entities, and consumer brands rely on F5 to stay ahead of cloud, security, and mobility trends. For more information, go to f5.com.

  • Glue Networks brings agility and network automation to the configuration and management of a branch WAN. The Gluware™ Intelligent Orchestration Engine enables companies to leverage their existing WAN investments, provide greater flexibility and higher performance, and dramatically increase a company’s ability to respond to change. Gluware is integrated with the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module enabling customers to quickly deploy intelligent, agile networks that are responsive at the application tier. Glue Networks has been shipping product since 2008 and was selected as a Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor. Gluware is generally available through Glue Networks and available on the Cisco General Price List(GPL). www.GlueNetworks.com

  • HP is delivering the industry’s most complete software-defined networking solution that increases agility through network programmability and reduces complexity by eliminating human middleware. HP Virtual Application Networks aligns the network with business requirements to provide increased business value enabling trends such as cloud computing and mobility.


  • Ixia develops network test and visibility solutions. Ixia helps its customers provide an always-on user experience through fast, secure delivery of dynamic connected technologies and services. Ixia’s customers benefit from faster time to market, optimized application performance and higher-quality deployments.

    Ixia’s award-winning solutions are used worldwide by network equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises and governments to:

    • Assess and optimize network performance, validate compliance, and harden security.
    • Gain visibility into network applications and services to accelerate troubleshooting.
    • Harden mission-critical networks against attack
    • Improve performance and application delivery of cloud, data center and network services.
    • Testing of switching and routing infrastructures and evolving data center architectures
  • Nuage Networks strikes at the heart of the datacenter networking challenge: Choreographing the network to maximize responsiveness, utilization, and visibility. Nuage Networks delivers a highly programmable infrastructure that bridges the gap between the application-centric view and the equally important network-centric view, realizing the full power of software-defined networking (SDN). The Nuage solution combines groundbreaking SDN and virtualization techniques with proven switching & routing technologies to create a new portfolio of products that solve the need for a highly consumable network fabric that supports multi-tenant cloud compute and storage services.

  • Two major forces—the cloud and mobility—are transforming the IT landscape. From computing and applications to storage and the devices used to access it all, everything is rapidly evolving towards a new era in IT. Except for one thing—the network. Pertino’s Cloud Network Engine is a cloud-based network-as-a-service platform that combines the power and pervasiveness of the cloud with network and service virtualization and SDN. The result is an entirely new way to WAN that uses the Internet to connect people and resources anywhere to an overlay virtual network with enterprise-class reliability, security, visibility and control.

  • Pluribus Networks is a leader in performance-oriented network virtualization for private and public cloud datacenters. Our systems transform how IT administrators deploy applications so they can realize productivity gains and enable new business models. Pluribus Networks delivers operational excellence by optimizing datacenter network utilization while maintaining required levels of performance, reliability, and availability.

    We have a growing list of technology partners including OEM relationships with TIBCO and China SuperCloud, as well as production deployments in over 20 countries worldwide. Our vision is to build an architecture that advances software-defined networking through the integration of compute and network automation.

  • For organizations which have implemented – or are planning to transition to – software-defined networking, SearchSDN.com is a one-stop-shop for independent content, expert advice, learning guides, peer input, and vendor-produced content. The site spans a wide range of topics, including: SDN transition and deployment advice, SDN standards, vendor selection and management challenges, technology strategy, and more. Visit SearchSDN.com now to find unbiased answers to your most pressing SDN questions.

  • The new management layer for the next-generation network. Real-time feedback, dynamic automation, physical-virtual awareness.


  • vArmour is providing a new type of network security solution designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities brought about by the widespread adoption of automated workload provisioning, and the spread of virtualization across the data center.

    Virtualization is now in the mainstream for computing, and is seeing adoption in storage and networking with software-defined storage (SDS) and software-defined networking (SDN). vArmour is taking virtualization into the realm of network security, pioneering a new kind of solution called software-defined security (SDSec). The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and can be found online at www.varmour.com

  • Vidyo developed the first video conferencing architecture to leverage Scalable Video Coding (SVC), enabling amazing HD multipoint video conferencing on tablets, smart phones, desktops and room systems over the public Internet. Vidyo interoperates with existing Cisco or Polycom room systems and extends them to desktop and mobile devices. The VidyoWorks™ platform and APIs enable innovators to develop visual communication and collaboration tools for contact centers, interactive banking, medical equipment, educational tools, social networking applications and workflow and business processes. The VidyoRouter™ uses selective packet-forwarding and offers unprecedented error resilience, low latency, and the ability to scale to millions of users with built-in cloud readiness, with no network build-out, at costs comparable to voice calls. Google, Philips, Nintendo, Ricoh, Hitachi and others use Vidyo technology. www.vidyo.com

  • Viptela’s secure & software-defined approach to network virtualization allows global companies unprecedented capabilities to build policy-controlled and cost-effective Wide Area Networks. The net effect is a network that is secure, ubiquitous and eliminates the disconnect between business and IT.

  • VMware is the industry-leading virtualization software company. VMware pioneers the use of virtualization and automation technologies to radically simplify IT infrastructure across the entire data center to the virtual workspace. We deliver value and simplicity to customers through a combination of innovation and investment in a robust technology ecosystem that drives interoperability and choice. www.vmware.com

  • VSS Monitoring is the leading provider of network packet brokers (NPBs) to the world’s largest telco‘s, enterprises and governments. VSS’s vMesh™ architecture, advanced grooming and optimization technologies create the industry’s most resilient and flexible NPB solution. VSS has an extensive technology alliance with leading security and performance monitoring tools.