Software Defined Visibility: Extending Visibility with White Box Solutions


  • Ananda Rajagopal, VP, Product Line Management, Gigamon
  • Ted Turner, Sr. Network Engineer, Intuit



Network traffic is fast becoming the gold standard for monitoring and managing security, application performance and customer experience. However, the growth of east-west traffic, user/device/application mobility, and the move to server and network virtualization is fundamentally changing the architecture of how security and application/network performance management tools can be deployed. These changes are driving a need to significantly expand traffic visibility closer to the application, and user and consequently driving towards a two tier-model for visibility architectures. The two-tier model provides an opportunity to leverage white-box solutions adapted through software as visibility nodes for the edge, with high performance purpose built nodes to enable higher-value, stateful functions such as SSL decryption, de-duplication, and content-based filtering at the core of the fabric, while serving a centralized tool farm for security, application performance and customer experience monitoring. The session will talk about this new architecture, the role white box solutions can play in this model, and the importance of treating the white-box and purpose built nodes as a unified fabric architecture from a policy definition and enforcement perspective.