Software Defined Virtual Cellular ISPs

Lakshmi Subramanian



Dr. Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, NYU

Session Description

We propose the concept of Virtual Cellular Internet Service Providers (VC-ISPs), a new model for designing next generation cellular network providers redefining the conventional notions and norms of a cellular network provider. The VC-ISP network architecture comprises of a distributed and potentially disjoint collection of software-defined picocells powered by emerging open-source cellular base-station platforms that together provide the abstraction of a single virtual network with the entire gamut of features offered by a traditional cellular provider.  The VC-ISP network architecture aims to enable third-party vendors to offer cellular ISP services in a decentralized manner without making any modifications to mobile devices and in cooperation with traditional cellular networks. This is joint work with Talal Ahmad, Alfred Afutu, Kessir Adjaho and Yaw Nyarko.