Security in Open Data Center Environments

Marc Woolward



Marc Woolward, vArmour



This session will explore the security requirements of the modern software defined datacenter, both in terms of technology transformation and in addressing today’s threat models. We will spend time to consider the architectural deficit inherent in the legacy security architectures. We will also spend some time understanding the current security threat model and work with policy and analytics tools to build secure controls and identify and remediate attacks.


Student Requirements for Hands-on Portion of Tutorial




  • Identify issues with existing datacenter security practice.
  • Understand approaches and options for building security policies.
  • Implement security policies using UI, Devops automation and orchestration integration.
  • Understand current security threats and attack techniques.
  • Utilise event logs to indentify attack behaviour and build policy controls to remediate.


Who Should Attend

  • Network operations
  • DevOps
  • SecOps
  • Virtualization operations teams
  • Enterprise data center architects and server administrators
  • Cloud services architects and administrators
  • Network Architects
  • Security Architects


Learning Objective 1

Be able to determine the issues to consider in designing security controls within the SDDC. Understanding the challenges and pitfalls, and also have a deeper understanding of the threat models at play.

Learning Objective 2 

To be able to understand the different approaches to security policy creation, and design the correct approach for their own organization’s requirements. To practice with designing policy and deploying it through UI, Devops (API and script) and orchestration engine integration.

Learning Objective 3 

To use industry standard analytics tools to evaluate traffic logs in order to identify network attacks. To utilise knowledge gained to build policies to remediate.