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Networking Disruption Continues – ONUG Selects Top Use Cases: Software-Defined WAN, Virtual Networks/Overlays and Network Services Virtualization

Real World Use Cases Shared Increase in Open Networking Limited Deployments Reported May 14, 2014 – Boston, MA – The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) held its Spring meeting May 5-6, 2014 and presented real world open networking use cases, deployments and requirements by innovative IT business leaders from Citigroup, Gap, Inc., Pfizer, Cigna, JPMorgan Chase, Credit […]

DeRisking the Enterprise-Everywhere WAN

Digital transformation is accelerating within the enterprise, as businesses seek to improve agility, avoid disruption, and gain competitive advantage. As part of this transformation, enterprises are increasingly leveraging cloud-based applications and services and embracing mobility and a distributed workforce. Bandwidth consumption is dramatically expanding to accommodate SaaS, and the prospect of rising transport costs and […]

Public vs. Private: Battle for the Future of SD-WAN

The Internet is perhaps the greatest of mankind’s infrastructure achievements. It has virtually unlimited use cases. For Enterprises, it has become an integral part of connectivity, with over 90% of SaaS access leveraging best-efforts public Internet. In fact, many SD-WAN deployments rely exclusively on Internet for connectivity. There are a growing number of Enterprise use […]

M&A and SD-WAN 2.0 Working Group Updates

Starting this week, the M&A and SD-WAN 2.0 Working Group calls will include both vendors and IT executives. To bring everyone in the ONUG Community up to date, here are summaries for what IT executives in each working group have been discussing in the first three calls this year. Anyone who would like to participate in […]

Software-Defined Security – Natural Affinity with SD-WAN Integration

Virtualized WAN services are much like any other software application, in that SD-WAN services must be secure. Except in the case of SD-WAN, VNF software also has to secure the “payload” of the packet, which increasingly is a cloud – or SaaS-based application. SD-Security is a crucial factor in the overall SD-WAN value equation in […]

Trust but Verify: How to Monitor SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a popular topic on every blog, news site, and at every conference today, but much of the chatter deals with the implementation benefits. As ONUG’s own Nick Lippis mentions in his post about the top 5 topics IT will be talking about, SD-WAN is entering a new generation that’s focused on scale, security, […]