Rob Gillan






Rob Gillan is globally recognised as one of the leading technologists in the ICT field and currently runs a knowledge consultancy business based in Melbourne, providing services to service providers, multinational equipment vendors and governments alike.

After graduating from RMIT with a B. Eng. Degree in 1984, Rob was recruited by Rockwell International and began his career in Dallas, Tx., developing leading edge optical transmission equipment. Even from the early days of his career, he participated in global standards bodies and is recognised as being one of the team who authored the first Sychronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) standards; standards that today still form the backbone of almost every telecommunications carrier the world over.

Whilst continually driven to push the limits of technology development, Rob also strives to see the application of such to the advancement of service delivery and widespread adoption. On his return from the United States, Rob became a founding member and initial network architect of Optus Communications, and oversaw the technology, network and planning divisions till his departure in the late 90’s. Still today, the rollout of Optus across Australia stands out as a model of rapid leading edge technology deployment, efficient operations and economic success.

He returned to North America as the CTO of Newbridge Networks of Canada, focusing on again pushing technology development and assisting service providers around the world to embrace the capabilities of emerging broadband access and the convergence of all services onto an IP infrastructure. Instrumental in the merger of that company with Alcatel and after occupying the role of CTO and VP of Broadband Access, he returned to Australia and in October 2003, became a founding partner of dZhON Pty Ltd. He holds a number of advanced technology patents and a thorough understanding of ICT technologies.

Rob has a passion for seeing technology change people’s lives. He is passionate about the replacement of traditional networking hardware with software driven things. He was the founding Chair of the networking subgroup of the IEEE P2413 Internet of Things architecture standard (which is looking to harmonise the simultaneous communication of all digital things), and he is focused on developments that will provide cost effective services to developing nations, the application of technology to reduce our reliance upon fossil fuels and the ever increasing consumption of electricity, and forging technologies that will truly herald the digital age.