OpenStack Networking With Neutron

kyle mestery photo

When: May 5, 2:00-3:30PM

Instructor: Kyle Mestery
Neutron Core Team Member, OpenStack, and Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems



Software Defined Networking is beginning to transition from concept to concrete implementations. The early adoptions are more times than not in the form of a programmable  network supporting OpenStack deployments. There are likely many reasons for this but the obvious rational is a truly converged compute, storage and network framework will be more disruptive than any one of them alone. OpenStack has paved the way for open source convergence but as it matures it has become evident that in order to efficiently scale and operate data center orchestration it needs a tighter coupling with the Network.

OpenDaylight is a Linux Foundation guided SDN controller being developed by the major networking hardware and software incumbents, software vendors, software and hardware startups, VARs and everyday software developer and network operators that all share a common passion for networking and OSS. This tutorial will focus on integrating these two important community lead projects covering the fundamental concepts, development methodologies, integration and a hands on instructor led lab to enable those participating to leave the workshop with a functional OpenStack instance with network provisioning being managed by the OpenDaylight controller.

  • High Level Introduction
  • OpenStack/SDN Fundamentals Review
  • OpenStack Overview
  • OpenStack Neutron Medium Drive
  • Group Installation
Intended Audience and Required Skills
  • People Interested in learning more about OpenStack and OpenDaylight
  • People familiar with running virtual machines on their laptop
Learning Objectives
  • An understanding of OpenStack Neutron
  • An understanding of OpenDaylight
  • Broad understanding of how OpenDaylight satisfies tenant network requirements in OpenStack
Please Bring the Following to the Tutorial
  • A laptop with at least 8GB of RAM
  • Virtualization software (Fusion, Workstation, VirtualBox)
  • Hard drive space for a virtual machine image


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