Open Networking Investment Implications

Where are we in the open networking and storage investment cycle?

Subu Pic 2015



Subu Subrahmanyan

Senior Managing Director and Lead Research Analyst, The Juda Group



alex-benik-big IMG_0175 NickRomano Paul Silverstein_conf

  • Alex Benik, Partner, Battery Ventures
  • Nick Romano, Founder and CEO, AO Asset Management
  • Paul Silverstein, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst, Cowen & Co. 


SDN promises to be a disruptive technology to traditional Layer 2-7 technologies. It’s no surprise to industry observers that the networking industry is at an inflection point where IT business leaders seek new solutions to new problems, be it from startups or established vendors. But where is the SDN market in its evolution? Will there be ten, twenty, or more startups funded, or are the established vendors starting a wave of M&A? In short, where are we in the investment cycle for open networking: the beginning, middle, or end? This panel of financial analysts and investors seeks to answer that question.