Open Networking in the U.S. Government

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Bryan Larish

Technical Director for Enterprise Connectivity & Specialized IT Services, U.S. Government 



The IT departments in the U.S. Government are similar to many other large organizations; budgets and manpower are declining, while at the same time demands for higher reliability and additional services are increasing.  Because of these factors, these IT departments must change how they do business when building their IT infrastructure.  Open networking and software defined networking (SDN) are two promising technology trends that one element of the U.S. Government  is applying to resolve these challenges in different areas of its network architecture. This talk will detail that element’s open networking and SDN initiatives in three areas:

– An OpenStack data center

– A data center that hosts a storage cloud

– The campus area networks at branch offices.

The talk will describe the motivation for each initiative, the architectures and solutions considered, and early-on lessons learned from development and deployment.

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