Open Cloud Infrastructure Security Vulnerabilities and Mitigation

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Christos Christou, Booz Allen Hamilton




Rita Marty Bala Rajagopalan headshot Lakshmi Subramanian

  • Rita Marty, AT&T
  • Bala Rajogopalan, BlueMountain
  • Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, NYU

Session Description

Open cloud infrastructure promises IT executives choice of vendors and designs with CapEx and OpEx relief. But fundamental to open cloud is enabling auto configuration and provisioning under the control of applications. That is, applications request network services and the network auto configures to accommodate the request.

This may sound simple enough and it’s highly desired as IT business leaders are pressured by business leaders and Chief Marketing Offices to speed up application deployment and shift to automated IT service delivery. But security services have not been in the open networking narrative. How do mitigation departments feel about auto configured networks? Do compliance officers have a mental model of how to demonstrate compliance? Is security technology able to keep up with the application deployment demand? How does the huge increase in east-west or server-server traffic get authenticated within and across corporate data center and between different corporate or public data centers? We’ll tackle this topic in this ONUG security panel.