From the Front Lines: Automated Infrastructure at Yahoo!

Lane Patterson



Lane Patterson, Yahoo!



Yahoo is leading the way on distributed computing architecture and automating cloud infrastructure to support its workloads. Fundamental to Yahoo’s business model is its agility, or the ability to rapidly deploy new services and applications to create business value. Automation of the cloud infrastructure plays a central role in Yahoo’s business. For example, it has moved away from CLI to programming its network fabric and in doing so has aligned its application software with that of its infrastructure to create one life cycle management system for all corporate software. Its development and use of open technologies is legendary with the creation of Hadoop in 2005. Now, Yahoo is developing an open-sourced approach to load balancing and is deploying one of the first 100GbE data centers.

In this keynote session, Lane Patterson of Yahoo shares how the company has fundamentally rethought IT from an organizational design perspective and implemented a open cloud infrastructure resulting in dramatically lower TCO thanks to automation, no vendor lock-in, faster IT delivery, and a more agile Yahoo!