Open Cloud Infrastructure at the Defense Information Systems Agency

Maj Gen Sarah E. Zabel DISA Official copy

Major General Sarah E. Zabel

Defense Information Systems Agency



Session Description

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) provides IT and communications support to the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, military services, combatant commanders, and any individual or system contributing to the defense of the United States. While DISA’s national infrastructure role is critical, it is also much like any large enterprise from an IT perspective; that is, budgets are under pressure and requirements are always increasing while time to deploy is on the critical path. DISA has explored utilizing various open source and open networking technologies securely to meet the high demands of the agencies it supports. In this exclusive ONUG keynote, Major General Sarah Zabel, Vice Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency, will provide her perspective and discuss lessons learned regarding the use of open cloud infrastructure technologies to meet the demands of national security.