ONUG Spring Tutorials

On the afternoons of May 5 and 6, all ONUG attendees will have the option of attending a tutorial. The ONUG Spring tutorials will each last an hour and a half and will offer IT users, resellers, investors, and industry executives a deep dive into the topics listed below. The  space in each tutorial is limited and attendance is determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

Day 1 Tutorials – 2:00-3:30, May 5

OpenStack Networking with Neutron

kyle mestery photoInstructor:
Kyle Mestery

Neutron Core Team Member, OpenStack, and Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems

Understanding White Box Networking

Rob Sherwood

Rob Sherwood

Chief Technology Officer, Big Switch Networks


Day 2 Tutorials – 2:00-3:30, May 6

Implementing Network Policies in SDN: From the Enterprise to the Wide Area

Picture 7

Nick Feamster

Associate Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Tech


Understanding SDN-Based Network Virtualization

Srini SeetharamanInstructor:
Srini Seetharaman

Technical Lead for Software Defined Networking, Deutsche Telekom