ONUG Board Use Cases Presentation and Discussion


Ernest Lefner, Bank of America


Keith Shinn, Fidelity Investments

James Younan, UBS

Michael Payne, JPMorgan Chase

Harmen Van der Linde, Citigroup

Vesko Pehlivanov, Credit Suisse

Aryo Kresnadi, FedEx

Lane Patterson, Symantec

Conrad Menezes, Sears


Session Description

To provide input into vendor R&D plus standards and open source organizations such as the Open Networking Foundation, OpenStack Community, Open Computing Forum, OpenDayLight and OMG initiatives the ONUG Board met in early April to develop the ONUG Use Cases. These Use Cases are to assist IT executives with their own deployment and procurement processes. The entire ONUG Community is offered an opportunity to vote on the ONUG Use Cases that they are preparing RFI/RFQs for and to create new ones during the ONUG conference. At the end of the day 2 we’ll review the results and show the industry which Use Cases represent budget development and propensity to buy from early adopters of open networking. This is your chance to be heard and to influence market direction by voting on which use cases are important to your organization.



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