Network Service Virtualization


Nick Lippis



Siva Mandalam, F5 Networks

Vincent Patrizio, ADP

Truman Boyes, Bloomberg

Scott Hankins, Pertino


Session Description

Layer 4-7 virtualization or Network Service Virtualization (NSV) is the enterprise version of Network Function Virtualization (NFV). NSV seeks to virtualize network services such as firewalls, load balancing, IPS etc by creating an instance of the network service for each application versus virtualizing a network service once for all applications. NSV hopes to present significant capex and opex relief from hardware appliances, an efficient way of applying network services to applications without chaining or tagging packets and rapid on-demand application deployment. But there are NSV challenges such as license complications (instance vs virtualized based) as elasticity breaks the current appliance license model. In this session an NSV update is presented along with its challenges of pricing/licensing, maturity and operational model.

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