IT Business Leader Panel Discussion: Open Wide Area Networking


Lane Patterson, VP of Global Network at Symantec



Conrad Menezes, formerly of Sears

Gene Sun, Vice President, Global Network and Communication Services at FedEx

Nelson Tai, Senior Manager, Hosting and Connectivity Services at Pfizer

Mike Elmore, IT Senior Director, Enterprise Network Engineering at Cigna


Session Description

IT Business leaders from Sears, FedEx, Pfizer and Cigna are joined by ONUG Board member and WAN expect Lane Patterson to explore new branch office and inter-data center WAN design options afforded by Software Defined WAN.  The need to move big workloads across the US and between continents has skyrocketed in recent months thanks to cloud storage and workload mobility requirements.  Which carriers are moving to an SDN or other services automation model will have implications upon how large enterprise and cloud operators support high-speed on-demand service delivery.  In this session we explore the SDN and Cloud Enabled WAN to enable branch plus inter-DC on-demand workload mobility.


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