IP Storage: SDN’s Killer App


Stephen Foskett



Harmen Van der Linde, Citigroup

Eric Hanselman, 451 Group

Chris Gladwin, Cleversafe

Jeff Flowers, Storiant


Session Description

With the evolution of storage from centralized disk arrays with dedicated Fiber Channel SANs towards distributed software-based storage architectures, IP/Ethernet networking is becoming an integral component of new evolving scale-out storage. Due to the sensitivity to latency and packet drops, storage traffic places new demands on Ethernet/IP networking, which need to be addressed by new network architectures and enhanced operations, covering areas like bandwidth management, traffic flow monitoring, and resiliency. New advanced networking capabilities, introduced by SDN and open networking, have the potential to address some of these new storage networking requirements, which is still an evolving area. During this panel discussion the impact of emerging storage solutions on IP/Ethernet networking will be covered, both from an end-user and storage vendor perspective. After providing an overview of the evolution of storage technologies, end-user requirements are being discussed, addressing the concerns, design, and architecture choices for building reliable and scalable IP-based storage networking solutions. Senior executives of two new IP storage startups will discuss how their solution is changing the deployment of  cost-effective storage while leveraging IP/Ethernet networking.

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