Automated Dynamic Network Segmentation/Authentication

Problem Being Solved: Cumbersome, lack of scalability and high OpEx of network segmentation

  • Manual configuration of topological L3/L2 Traffic Isolation based on Programmable Traffic Characteristics
  • Increased potential for security & compliance breach, + production downtime
  • Location independent access to IT assets

Open Networking Components:

  • An open SDN programmable & automated creation of VRF like segments triggered off of application/service packet header/QoS markings, DIP match etc.

Gap: Dynamically built VRF

Benefits: Automated network policy provisioning

  • Programmable control to match application / service requirement to network services
  • Segmented access & forwarding
  • Improved BYOD & security support
  • Overlay relief (NaC Lite, 802.1x, AAA, location services, etc.)
  • Lower OpEx spend

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