ONUG Software-Defined Security Services Update




Michael Clark

Exceptional Leaders International



John Burns Headshot  silhouette David_Lucey_Headshot Marc Woolward

  • John Burns, Wells Fargo 
  • Fred Lima, Visa
  • David Lucey, Salesforce
  • Marc Woolward, vArmour

Session Description

Security in the age of software-defined infrastructure is a high priority for the ONUG Community, as evidenced by past use case voting results. To address this use case, some of the best minds at ONUG stepped up to put the collective voice of IT business leaders behind a new security model for the enterprise market. The ONUG Software-Defined Security Services working group has been in session since November developing use case requirements.  

During this session, the working group chairmen and select members present their findings and top ten use case requirements. The ONUG Community is encouraged to prioritize the list of use cases via real-time voting and to add to the use case requirements during this session. The ONUG Software-Defined Security Services framework white paper will also be distributed at ONUG Spring 2016.