On Premises vs. Off Premises IT: Where Should Investment Dollars Go?



Natarajan ‘Subu’ Subrahmanyan

AO Asset Management



Rod Hall  

  • Mathews Cherian, Capital Group 
  • Rod Hall, JPMorgan Chase
  • Walter Pritchard, Citi
  • Paul Silverstein, Cowen and Company

Session Description 

The conversation around innovation in open networking that got started around 5 years ago has matured into a discussion around cloud architecture.  Enterprises are evaluating infrastructure choices around networking, storage, compute and monitoring in the context of the broader move to the cloud. Most enterprises agree that the future is a hybrid cloud with workloads distributed across legacy on prem infrastructure, private cloud and in some instances public cloud.  
These moves have major implications for equipment and cloud vendors and raise several questions including:
  1. 1. How will on prem equipment vendors fare in the move to the private cloud?
  2. 2. Is the move to software based infrastructure a risk and/or opportunity
  3. 3. Do most workloads eventually end up in the public cloud and is the DIY nature of the public cloud a major long-term risk
  4. 4. Who wins/loses in these transitions? Are component vendors the only winners or can the box vendors benefit from this transition as well? Is there an opportunity for a new breed of infrastructure vendors that are optimized for the cloud to gain significant share?