ONUG Hybrid Cloud Working Group Framework

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Gene Sun        James Younan

  • Pablo Espinosa, Intuit
  • Joe Ferrell, GE
  • Ali Iloglu, Citigroup
  • Carlos Matos, Fidelity Investments
  • Gene Sun, FedEx
  • James Younan, UBS

Session Description

At ONUG Fall 2015, 72% of the ONUG Community indicated their long-term target cloud deployment model is hybrid. That is, 72% are deploying some workloads in public cloud while keeping some in internal private clouds. As a response to this, the ONUG Community formed a new working group; the ONUG Hybrid Cloud Working Group is made up of IT executives and was chartered to develop a framework to include security, contract language/terms/issues, technical architecture, and other topics the working group members find relevant for the use of hybrid cloud by large enterprises. The goal of the working group is to create a level playing field among the largest public cloud providers including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The framework developed by the group identifies a common set of capabilities to be offered by cloud providers and, in the process, drive enterprise buying leverage.

Already, these cloud players seek lock-in via large managed services contracts taking nearly 18 months, in some cases, to complete and costing nearly $750K to negotiate. The ONUG Hybrid Cloud Working Group framework seeks to commoditize infrastructure and increase choice among enterprise buyers of public cloud services. The goal is to have a framework, which identifies a minimum set of common issues and collective requirements that will swing leverage into the hands of enterprise buyers of hybrid cloud services.

In this session, the Hybrid Cloud Framework is presented for the first time in public and shared with the ONUG Community.