ONUG Grand Challenge Hackathon

Sponsored by  SDN Hub


Applications are now available on GitHub 



The ONUG Grand Challenge Hackathon will be a virtual event allowing developers from around the globe to participate. The team behind SDN Hub, including Srini Seetharaman, will lead the Hackathon effort.

Physical networking has been slow to offer tools to automate its configuration and change management. While virtual networking does offer certain automation tools, the networking industry is behind compute and storage in the important area of automation, orchestration, or choreographing workload deployment.

It is this ability to automate physical and virtual networking in support of workloads that will increase corporate agility and competitiveness while providing operational cost relief. Therefore, the ONUG Board issues this Grand Challenge in the form of an open hackathon in the important area of network automation.


Develop tools/applications to address network automation.

The goal of the Grand Challenge Hackathon is to showcase innovation, new tools, and applications from developers across the globe that address network automation. ONUG believes that a new generation of business value will be created with open programmable infrastructure. Much like Uber discovered value creation in the programmable internet, the programmable enterprise will unleash its own unique value. 

ONUG seeks to spark an industry trend toward modern open programmable, automated computer networks that includes developers, venture capitalists, start-ups, and existing suppliers. The winning application will be showcased at ONUG Spring hosted by Intuit in Mountain View, CA during its May 10th and 11th meeting.


Three prizes will be awarded at ONUG Spring 2016 hosted by Intuit in Mountain View, California. The winning team will receive 5 minutes to present their application to the full ONUG Conference audience. Travel (valued up to $1,000) is available for those not located in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, the winning team has the opportunity to poster board their application in the ONUG Technology Showcase.

1st PLACE: The winning team will receive $2,500, will be invited to present their application and display a poster board at ONUG Spring Conference at Intuit in Mountain View, CA. The winning team will also receive two complimentary ONUG Spring passes (plus travel, up to $1,000) and two passes to ONUG Fall 2016 in New York City. 

2nd PLACE: The second place team will receive honorable mention at ONUG Spring, two complimentary passes to the ONUG Spring Conference at Intuit in Mountain View, California, and two passes to ONUG Fall 2016 in New York City.  

3rd PLACE: The third place team will receive honorable mention at ONUG Spring and two passes to the ONUG Spring Conference at Intuit in Mountain View, CA.


  • April 1, 2016: Coding begins
  • April 11, 2016: Project due (end of day PT)
  • April 18, 2016: Judges notify finalists and schedule demo via web conference
  • April 22, 2016: ONUG judges notify winning team(s)
  • April 29, 2016: Winning team awarded and presents application at ONUG Spring in Mountain View, CA


Hackathon judges have suggested the following seed ideas based upon the ONUG Software-Managed Infrastructure working group. While these ideas have been prioritized by the ONUG IT Community, entries are not limited to the ideas below; judges will review ideas beyond the following.

– Real-time security analytics

– Real-time topology analytics

– Real-time performance analytics

– Optimal service function or workload location

– Multilayer visibility between underlay & overlay protocol use for management/SLA, monitoring/alerting, troubleshooting & reporting capabilities

– Must work with underlay + overlay protocols; with independent filtering + correlate both traffic

– Granular filtering on 5-tuple and/or even more, including application signatures, + QoS marking

– System utilities/set of native supported features, for platform, control plane, statistics, access, performance, and analytics management

– Integration w/ popular open cloud orchestration solutions, DevOps tools et al. automation solutions

More detailed information on the ONUG Software-Managed Infrastructure framework can be found here. The four management-working groups that define IT Software-Managed Infrastructure are as follows:

1) Network State Collection, Correlation and Analytics

2) Common Tools for Automated Configuration & Change Management

3) SDN Federation/Operability

4) Traffic Monitoring and Visibility


Participation is open to all, including:

– Academics

– DevOps,

– Network engineers

– Industry veterans

Programmers may write code on the platform of their choice, including but not limited to: Cisco’s APIC-EM or APIC-Cobra,  OpenDaylightONOS,FloodlightRyuOpenContrail, Docker orchestration tools. 

Applications developed at the Hackathon are to be open-sourced and will be made available to the ONUG community and industry at large via the ONUG GitHub website.


The following chairmen of the ONUG Software-Managed Infrastructure working group act as the final judges for all Hackathon applications:

Neal Secher, BNY Mellon

Aryo Kresnadi, FedEx

Ted Turner, Intuit

Carlos Matos, Fidelity

Judges will select winners based upon the following five criteria:

1. Creativity

2. Uniqueness

3. Feature Set

4. Technical Depth

5. Addresses ONUG Software-Managed Infrastructure Framework

Each criterion is scored from 1 to 10; 10 being the highest. Each judge scores a project on all criteria. Final score is the sum of all criteria scores divided by n, with each judge having equal weight and where “n” is the number of judges. The maximum score of a project is 50. Projects will be judged upon their start and finish points with a view toward accomplishment.


  • Mentorship to develop your idea
  • Communication forum (http://onug-hackathon.slack.com) for registered participants to ask technical questions and brainstorm
  • Travel if needed for the winning team (up to $1000 value)