ONUG Fall 2013 Use Cases

ONUG℠ Fall 2013 was a two-day event held October 29th and 30th, hosted by JPMorgan Chase at their New York City headquarters. Day One of the event was the new ONUG Academy – a day of tutorials and workshops open to the industry. Day Two was the ONUG Conference, similar in format to ONUG Spring and including speaking sessions and business discussions for IT leaders.

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Board of Directors identified 8 use cases and associated requirements to ensure IT executives receive the benefits of lower OpEx and CapEx, greater choice and faster delivery of innovative IT solutions. Real world user deployments, market updates, independent test results, and use cases were presented and evaluated at ONUG Fall 2013. The IT business leaders at ONUG voted and selected as the Top 3 priorities for RFIs/RFQs to be issued in the next year:

Other use cases identified include:

ONUG envisions greater vendor independence, self-service provisioning of network, compute and storage, thanks to the continued decoupling of networking software and hardware with Linux automation tools. The industry should not be dependent on innovation cycles from single suppliers in any area including merchant silicon. The open networking industry requires a software ecosystem and DevOps will play an important role in networking equipment selection and design. In addition, open networking will drive disruption in the storage market as IP storage coupled with leaf-spine networks impact SAN value.

IT executives at ONUG were focused on real- world deployments, choice, and vendor independence. As IT demands increase, IT business leaders have organized through ONUG by putting their engineering and power of the purse together to define open networking the way they want it not the way the vendors want to offer it.

The open networking market has expanded and moved quickly since ONUG first met in February. IT executives looking to transform their networks shared best practices with peers, user requirements, and engaged in dialog with the vendor community. ONUG is grateful to our host JPMorgan Chase & Co., our Board of Directors, Intel, our Dinner Sponsor, and all the Demonstrators and Partners listed to the right of this page. Thank you for making ONUG Fall 2013 a tremendous success. We look forward to the continued dialog with you all!